About Buhr

It’s not only our excquisite products that make us a great supplier. Most of all it’s You, our customer, You are the inspiration to our desire for the set table and the creative kitchen. You give us the opportunity to deliver all you need and then some. And most importantly, you motivate us to create added value. Over and over again.

You’re welcome to try us.

Buhr sets the table

We provide the restaurant and hotel business with porcealin, glass and cutlery. Everything you need to set the table. We also supply the bar and the kitchen with equipment such as knives, scoops, buffet systems and bar utensils. Our partners produce only high quality products within their area.

We aim to provide the professional market with products and services which will raise the standard within our business. Higher standards result in satisfied customers around our table.

We wish to be a first hand choice among our customers as a result of our versatile product range, our full hearted service and our dedication to big and small.

Everyone benefits from environmental consideration

Buhr Agenturer is a company with the future in mind. This is why we try to keep the environment close to mind in our corporate planning. Within the organisation we have developed an environmental program to support ecological thinking. This concerns everything from freight and transport to the way we choose to handle garbage disposal here at the office. It’s an ongoing project which we consistently try to improve. This includes our partners in Germany, Austria and Italy.

For many years, our partners have been working on improving and redirecting the production into a more ecological path. This has led to less pollution, less energy consumption and recycling of waste products. For more information about our partners environmental programs, please contact us at Buhr.